5 Tips to Make Your Two-Wheeler More Eco-friendly and Efficient


A two-wheeler is the primary mode of conveyance in a majority of households in India. Owing to their affordability, fuel efficiency, flexibility and convenience two-wheelers are preferred over four-wheelers, particularly on India’s busy roads. Furthermore, two-wheelers are more environmentally friendly than cars. However, the ever-increasing traffic and non-compliance to road safety rules on most roads in the country make them severely prone to accidents.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to have a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy before stepping out on the road on your bike or scooter. You can purchase and renew a motorcycle insurance policy online and safeguard yourself, your vehicle, and any affected third party against any uncertain events on the road. Furthermore, as a responsible citizen, you should also ensure that your two-wheeler is eco-friendly and fuel-efficient to reduce its adverse impact on the environment.

How can you ensure that your bike is more eco-friendly and efficient?

There are several ways to ensure that your bike is eco-friendly and helps you do your part in protecting the environment. You can follow some simple steps to attain the goal of having an efficient and environmentally friendly bike. Some of the aforementioned steps have been listed below.

  • Get your bike’s emission checked on a regular basis

It is important to remember to get your bike’s emission levels checked on a periodical basis. By following the aforementioned approach, you can go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint on the environment. In addition to the periodical checks, you should schedule an emission check for your bike in case you notice higher than usual emissions. If the emission levels are beyond the permissible limits, you should get the parts that are malfunctioning cleaned or replaced.

  • Do not exceed the permissible speed limits

One easy way to ensure that your bike is eco-friendly is to drive within the speed limits permitted on a particular road. When you exceed the speed limit or drive too fast, your bike’s engine experiences a higher pressure, resulting in higher fuel consumption and emissions that cause air and noise pollution. Therefore, driving within the speed limit helps you save on the expenditure on your bike’s fuel and reduce the adverse impact of your bike’s emissions on the environment.

  • Ensure regular service for your bike

You must remember to schedule standard service for your bike on a consistent basis. The aforementioned practice enables you to become aware of any deficiency in the operation of any part which, in turn, allows you to get the part repaired or replaced. Furthermore, the regular cleaning of the fuel pipe, the fuel tank, and the engine can help enhance the efficiency of your bike, including its fuel efficiency, enabling you to reduce your total expenditure on fuel.

  • Invest in an electric bike

Electric bikes are more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient as compared to bikes that run on petrol. Therefore, the usage of eco-friendly bikes in India has been increasing. If you are planning to purchase a new bike, you should consider an electric bike and opt for it if it suits your requirements. Remember that there are many benefits of an electric bike, including savings in terms of the overall expenditure on fuel and emission checks.

  • Renew your bike insurance policy on a timely basis

You should invest in a comprehensive bike insurance policy so as to ensure complete protection for yourself, your bike, and the concerned third party against any unforeseen events, including accidents, thefts, earthquakes, and riots. It is easy and safe to buy and renew a policy for motorcycle insurance online. In this context, there are several companies offering the aforementioned product online, including Tata AIG that has an array of excellent bike insurance policies for you to choose from.

You can purchase as well as renew your Tata AIG bike insurance policy online by choosing the required policy and checking the applicable premium on the tool available at the company’s website. The whole process is fast, safe, and transparent. Therefore, you can be assured of the safety of the transaction as well as the confidentiality of your personal information that is shared during the aforementioned process.

Bike insurance in India

Bike insurance is an agreement between an insurance company and the owner of a bike to safeguard against adverse events on the road, including accidents and natural disasters. There are three major kinds of two-wheeler insurance available in India: third-party liability cover, standalone own damage bike insurance and comprehensive bike insurance. A comprehensive bike insurance policy offers complete protection to your bike and to the affected third party in the event of an accident; this type of policy also covers the damage caused to your bike due to a natural or man-made disaster.

It is mandatory for all two-wheeler users in India to have third-party bike insurance. However, it is recommended to buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy to ensure complete financial protection for yourself and your bike.


If you purchase and renew your motorcycle insurance policy on a timely basis, you can have a safe and secure experience with your bike. Furthermore, by following the simple steps mentioned above, you will also be able to do your part in protecting the environment from the harmful effects of air and noise pollution.