Essential scams of 2021 that you should avoid


Humanity has encountered one of the most significant pandemics in history so far last year and this year. Although various scams have almost always occurred, regardless of the situation, age, and the like, with the appearance of coronavirus, a significant number of various financial frauds have emerged, both online and offline.

Due to the ubiquitous fear and uncertainty in 2021, many fraudsters began to exploit people, asking for their data on behalf of the NHL to schedule vaccinations, for example. This type of medical technology scam is one of the most common ones these days, according to the COVID-19 pandemic and an increasing number of those infected in the world.

Most people probably don’t know that the NHL will never ask for your personal information, such as name, address, PINs, or bank account information, for any verification.

However, if the pandemic continues significantly, it is clear that various scams, primarily via the Internet and if they are related to health and medicine, will happen. So. here are the essential cons of 2021 that any individual, including yourself, should be aware of and avoid.

Coronavirus and Stimulus Checks scams

We want to follow up on the text above and explain in more detail what Coronavirus and stimulus checks scams are all about. According to people’s confusion about COVID-19 relief programs, it’s more than apparent how many scammers found their way to trick people for their money.

One of these tricks includes stimulus checks. Here is one example: A scammer will, either via email, phone call, or text message, request their victims to provide them with their personal information before they receive their stimulus check. Once the victim gives their Social Security number, alongside other data, he is ruined.

In addition to the Stimulus checks scam, they are also offering “COVID relief grants.” For victims to apply for these types of grants, they must hand over every bit of personal data. Of course, these scammers will then be able to raid your bank accounts and run up your credit cards.

Negative Covid Test and Fake Hand Sanitizer scams

Besides stimulus checks, criminal gangs are now taking advantage of the law that, as a visitor, in many countries, it’s necessary to show a negative Covid test on your arrival. A considerable number of forged certificates are being sold. The price goes from $40, even though it has been reported that fake Covid papers have been sold for significantly higher amounts.

It has also been reported that victims have been targeted with fake ads for cheap Covid-related products, such as sanitizers or face masks that either don’t exist or are just regular cosmetic face masks.

For instance, on eBay, some products that contain more than 37% of methanol, which is a very toxic substance, have been sold to people worldwide. These products excluded enough ethanol and were utterly useless against Covid.

Fake NHS Covid Passport Scams

Other covid-related scams are criminals who are providing fake NHS Covid passport scams. Vaccine passports have been able to get via NHS application for free. These particular “passports” are documents that prove two doses of the vaccine. It’s known that criminals are targeting these victims by selling fake vaccination passports.


There is no 100% sure way to defend yourself from various attacks completely. The only sure thing is prevention, in the sense of being aware of all the scams that are current in 2021 and double-checking every company or individual that requires any personal data from you.