Finance Website – How To Determine The Value Of Gold


As an investor or buyer of precious metals like gold, you should have sufficient understanding on how you will determine, if the item that you would like to have is genuine, so that you can assess the value. Through this way, you can calculate how much you should spend for the item because there are sellers, who may raise the price, especially when they can see that you are very interested. This is a usual behavior of the sellers, anyway, since they are also aiming at earning a profit out of the said metal.

That’s why, before going to the market, make sure that you are equipped with greater knowledge and skills, than the sellers, so that you can get it at a good price. Now, if you are planning to purchase a particular item made of gold from the auction, then prepare your fund because the highest bidder gets the prize and you are surely aware about this, so you should have more than enough to win. Though you have more chances with the collectors, if you are determined to directly buy from them because you can propose and bid a lower payment.

Try checking out a finance website today and you will find out more information, regarding the gold pricing in the global market and when you should buy or sell it. As an investor and a buyer as well, you should be the first person to study about these data because it will help you handle the trading well, so you should keep yourself updated. And then, now that the cost is fluctuating due to the inflation in the economy, the more that you should open your eyes widely for you to have the best deals.


You should be aware that the karat is the measurement and will determine the quality of the metal that you are holding. The purity is based on the scale, which ranges from 1 – 24 and this is usually indicated through a stamp.

The percentage of the purity can be determined by dividing the karats by 24, so if the metal is 12k, then the percentage is 0.5 or 50% pure, while a 24k at 1.0 is 100% pure. Sometimes, you may also find a stamp that says 375, which means that it is 37.5% pure and this is a 9k metal.

After determining the purity, you can now weigh it using a scale. To compute its price for every gram, you have to divide the weight by 31.1, which is the quote for every troy ounce. Visit to continue reading.

Spot Price

Here, you have to know exactly how much a gold cost and you can always do that by checking online. You may calculate the melt value by multiplying the weight, purity and the current cost per gram.

For example, let’s take a look at the calculation for a 10g weight for 1,200 USD/ troy ounce and 12k. With this given, the purity is 0.5 and 38.58USD per gram, the melt value is 192.92 USD.

For another example, we have a 22g of metal at 14k and costs 1,600 USD/ounce. The purity would be 0.583 or 58.3% and it would cost 51.447 USD/gram. The melt value would be 659.859 USD.

Futures Price

There are several factors needed to determine the futures price. This includes the spot price, the predicted changes in the demand as well as the supply, the estimated cost of transportation, the estimated cost of storage and the rate of return of the holder, which should be risk-free.

Keep in mind that there are trades that happened electronically, which means that upon purchase, you will not receive this metal immediately. Things may happen during the transport and since this is an item that is considered with high value, then it would be very risky, especially if the storage is not meant to secure and protect it. In this situation, it will be more expensive due to various unpredictable situations, so check this recommended site for more info.

However, this is not a reason for some people to stop investing in gold. They are taking this as a part of the trading industry, especially when the item is coming from a distance.