Five Biases That Cause Failure in Trading 


In Forex, the majority of traders face failure because of their lack of concentration. People are used to multi-tasking. Most of the time, they use shortcuts to do tasks. That’s why they do not face any severe problems doing multiple tasks at a time. But, in trading, you can’t apply any shortcuts. As shortcuts can’t help you to get the success. For this reason, many traders start to make trading decisions based on their psychological biases.

In this article, we will discuss the five biases which are some of the reasons traders face failure in the market. We hope this article will help you to avoid these biases to avoid losing money.

Recency bias

After winning a few trades, traders can’t ignore their recent trading results. For this reason, they think in the upcoming trade, they will get the same result. For this reason, sometimes, traders start overtrading or doing less trading. But, being a trader, you have to understand the market will not always same. Depending on the different situations in the market, you might get a different result. That’s why you have to place a trade based on the current trading environment.

Dilution effect

Some traders use various types of tools to identify the situation and analyze the price action chart. As a result of using huge tools, they fail to identify the right signals. Remember, being a trader, you need to use the right tools so that you can get the appropriate signals. But, if you try to use different types of tools and techniques, it will be difficult to make the right decision. In Forex, to achieve your goals, you have to be smart. Otherwise, you might be driven on to the wrong track. So, try to avoid the dilution effect to get good outcomes.

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Gambler’s fallacy

Many traders think that after facing several losses, they might win a trade. For this reason, sometimes, they invest more money. Actually, in Forex, you must not open any position based on your gut feelings. Things might go wrong. So, before placing a trade, you have to be sure about the scenarios in the market. Bear in mind that if you can go with the trend of the market, you might get a good result. On the other hand, if you go against the market, you might face trouble.


Overconfidence is responsible for making mistakes in the market. As a result of being overconfident, traders can’t take the right decisions for their trading process. They ignore their weakness and start to take high risks.  In consequence, they face loss in the market. Remember, being a trader, you need to work logically and take small breaks regularly. If you start to think emotionally, you can’t succeed in Forex. Being a trader, try to be practical in trading. To avoid these biases, you should act according to your plan. As a result, you will make fewer mistakes and reach your target. So, to produce a better performance, you need to avoid becoming overconfident.

Selective sagacity

Selective sagacity means highlighting others’ mistakes and ignoring one’s own mistakes. Most newcomers forget their own mistakes in the trading and blame others for them for those mistakes. Many elite traders also blame their brokers and family members for their losses in the market. But, as a trader, you have to understand that you are responsible for your own success or failure. Because, if you do not make the right decision, how can you do well in Forex? So, to be a master of trading, you have to be responsible.

The above biases are some of the reasons you may face failure in the market. So, being a trader, if you want to achieve success in the market, you should avoid these biases as much as possible.