Know all about the motorcycle act


Motorcycle insurance is a necessity of motorcycle act where it is required for the traffic law and also medical expenses and motorcycle tax, hence to protect from medical expenses having this insurances is essential, because it is observed that number of accidents are increasing and also for consulting motorcycle law do not hesitate as it is necessary to have the insurance, the good thing is you connect through online as well. Before through any insurance, it is essential to know what it covers and its benefits as well. Therefore let us look at what the motorcycle act covers and its protection.

Protections of motorcycle act

พรบ.รถจักรยานยนต์ covers a lot of necessary things, such as the most important thing is a medical expense. However, many like total permanent disability, immediate death, imitation skull, cases like injury or death. The other added benefit is the damages such as loss of a finger, loss of organ, permanent disability, or loss of life. Hence for all this, the motorcycle act provides protection.

When an accident occurs, the motorcycle takes the patient to the nearest hospital. After that, the hospital staff is informed about the injury that has occurred to the patient. Every hospital has a department where the parties include notification and the registration number of a car. Hence, for all this, the hospital takes care of the claimed act. Therefore do not waste time on the show. Instead, you can connect to the motorcycle act online from anywhere at any time.

There are few rules in it for example registration of the motor vehicle, which means no one should be allowed to drive a motor vehicle or driving in any public place, the other one is obeying the traffic signs which is very important following the rule, also wearing the headgear which protects from any accident, safety measures to be taken and for pillion riders as well, driving in limited speed which is necessary to follow, and the last one is to follow the duty of the driver which means in case of an accident or property damage than the driver of other vehicle is in charge to look after the damage and the injuries. 

The documents used to claim motorcycle act

  • The id card copy with a valid certificate.
  • With a valid certified copy of the driving license
  • Daily records from police
  • Medical expense receipt
  • Medical certificate