Why Do Customers Prefer Buying Two-Wheeler Insurance Online?


Two-wheeler insurance is a legal requirement by the Motor Vehicles Act. This law makes it mandatory for all registered two-wheeler owners to have at third-party insurance cover. There are many risks while riding a bike, a few of them can be taken care with an insurance policy. For instance, an accident that ends up damaging the property or third person as well as injuring the other party, the liability due to this event are covered under a third-party coverage.

For comprehensive policies, the scope widens with coverage for damages to your bike too. With such a bike insurance cover, financial losses can be avoided for a wide array of scenarios. Thus, investing in a bike insurance policy is the smart choice.

Well, now that you know how a two-wheeler insurance benefits you, there are two ways to get insurance coverage. First is the traditional offline mode and the second is online route. While offline purchase has its own merits, buying two wheeler insurance online has the following benefits. Let’s us look at why more and more people are drawn to the online route –

#1 Choice of policy

The first and foremost reason to buy bike insurance online is the choices one gets. There are a plethora of alternatives that are available. Depending on the policy features, risk covered and exclusions, you can make the choice of bike insurance plan that fits your needs. Leading insurance companies have their websites from where you can directly purchase a policy.

#2 Direct buying

An online policy enables you to directly buy from the insurance companies. This way, there are no middlemen thereby lowering the bike insurance price. Apart from lower insurance premiums, you can also obtain first-hand information. Hence, you get all the information directly from the source reducing the possibility of coming across inaccurate or outdated details.

#3 Round the clock assistance

With an online policy, be it a comprehensive cover or third party bike insurance, assistance is provided 24×7. Any concern or clarification regarding your policy is addressed round the clock. Online insurance policies also have toll-free numbers to make a claim which can be made at any time during the day. Some insurance companies also allow filing a claim through the mobile application too. Further, some insurance companies also help you schedule payments that go an extra mile to ensure there are no policy lapse or missed renewal dates.

#4 Secure payments

The payment modes in an online insurance purchase are encoded using high encryption levels. This provides guarantee regarding a successful purchase thereby eliminating the risk of fraud.

#5 Convenience of purchase

Since the policies can be purchased online, it is hassle-free and is secure with elimination of paperwork. Moreover, the entire process can be done at your convenience without having to step outdoors. Further, with the option of internet or mobile payment the payment is secure and encrypted. Also, policies can not only be purchased online but also renewed. Any amendments, if required, can be easily made using the endorsement facility available on the insurer’s website.

These are some nifty reasons that are increasing the preference for online policies among buyers. Be it online or offline insurance plan, ensure you purchase after understanding your needs and requirements.  Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.