How to complete your KYC online?


Video KYC is easy and straightforward when it comes to confirming your identity without the need to visit any retail store. You can now open an account with the Airtel Payments Bank through this secure and paperless process of online KYC. This zero-contact process is the safest way to open an account and operate it online. The best thing about video KYC is that you do not have to fill forms, attach photocopies of documents or go through any hassle. There is hardly anything that trumps a video KYC. Let us look at how you can do your video KYC at the Airtel Payments Bank.

  1. Apply to open an account – If you would like to open an account on the Airtel Payments Bank platform, you would need to do online KYC. You would need to log in to the Airtel Payments bank platform or register if you do not have an account yet. You will find a ‘Video KYC’ banner in the app. You would need to click on that to initiate the KYC process.
  1. Provide your details – Before you can confirm your identity through a video call with the bank official, we would like you to offer some information about yourself. You need to add some details. You need to verify your PAN and Aadhaar as well.
  1. Do the video KYC – The next step is to complete an online KYC with a bank official. The video call can be done anytime between 10 in the morning to 9 o’clock at night. This process can be done on any day except Sunday. One of the things you should keep in mind is that you need to have your PAN card with you when you are making the call. Before you make the call, you need to ensure that you get continuous data connectivity. No other individual should come into the frame when you are going through this process. The agent will guide you through this process.
  1. An account gets created – This video KYC process was the last step in the process required from your end. You will get the details of your account along with a digital debit card. Online KYC allows instant opening of bank account through the Airtel Payments Bank. Once the bank official verifies your identity through the video call, you would no longer be required to visit the branch to submit KYC documents.

Even though it is recommended to do the online KUC in an area where you have good Internet connectivity, there might be poor signals at times. If the KYC process is not completed, you are allowed to start the video KYC process again. In case your account gets enabled, you will get a communication from the Airtel Payments Bank about the same.

Opening an saving account with the Airtel Payments Bank has a lot of benefits. This is a zero balance account with a free digital debit card. You will be able to make contactless and Safepay payments and make unlimited deposits through the account.